Self-Compassion Saturday: Marianne Elliott

Frances D:

This blogger MAKES my Saturdays. Love ya girl.

Originally posted on A Thousand Shades of Gray:

Marianne Elliott is a writer, human rights advocate, and yoga teacher. Trained as a human rights lawyer, Marianne worked in New Zealand, East Timor, and the Gaza Strip prior to her time in Afghanistan, where she served in the United Nations mission (2005-2007). Her memoir Zen Under Fire, tells the story of her work in Afghanistan and the toll that work took on her and her relationships.

Marianne writes and teaches on creating, developing and sustaining real change in personal life, work and the world. She created the 30 Days of Yoga online courses to help people establish and maintain home yoga practices to support them to do their good work in the world. At the holidays – more than ever – we need practices to keep peace with ourselves and others. Marianne created her Zen Peacekeeper Guide to the Holidays to help you find a calm, compassionate path…

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“Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always try to be a little kinder than is necessary.”

– James Matthew Barrie

Frisky Here 02.26.2013

Frances is really busy today so she asked me to fill in.  I’m glad she did because I want to tell you all what happened this past Saturday night. Frances was busy cooking, and I decided to do a little web browsing on her phone. That’s when I discovered what her last Google search was; how to make a cat like me.

20130223_221930-1Can I tell you how purrfectly shocked I was?

Frances thought I didn’t like her. Silly Silly Two Legs. That’s when I decided to do something a little special for her.

Later that evening everyone was sitting at the dining room table.  Just so you know, everyone includes: my Master, the Young Master and his girlfriend The Fair Maiden, and of course – Frances.

I hopped into my Master’s lap for a cuddle, and then I walked right across the table and sat in front of Frances. I gave her lots of purr action, special nosy rubs and let her stroke my tabby coat all she wanted.  Frances was so happy her eyes were sparkling. That’s when I decided to really give the Old Girl some real joy by wrapping my tail around her wrist. Can I tell you how cute Frances thought that was?  Silly Silly Two Legs.

I do like very much Frances. Seriously girl do you think I would pose in a derby for just anyone?

Frisky Here 02.20.2013


Frances says I’m one totally toasted kitty today. I say just a bit blissed out.

Know why? Frances bought me not one, but two catnip loaded toys today. And I haven’t had a bit of the old nip in years!

It all went down like this. Frances wasn’t around for three whole days. When she returned I decided to give her a bit of a greeting, so I met her at the door, escorted her to her chair, and gave her two leg rubs. She thanked me profusely, as well she should, and told me she loved me. Her exact words were I wuv wuv wuv the kitty. Goofy, huh? Two legs can be so silly!

So she’s sitting in favorite chair telling my Master she got me a giftie. I just happened to be under the dining room table, so I could see Frances taking something of her backpack.

That’s when the tantalizing scent of nip began drifting toward my quite attractive little pink nose. There was a small pillow and a ball.. I cuddled up with the pillow first, and then chased the ball about for a while. Before I knew it I was drooling and needed just a bit of lie down.

Be back soon.
Meow. Meow.

from a quiet corner at the Natural History Museum

Decided I needed some me time, so I had a yummy Indian buffet lunch at the Sapphire, and then headed for my beloved AMNH.


The view from my bench – pretty awesome, huh?


Puddle pic taken across the street by Central Park.


Park entrance at Columbus Circle.

I love my mobile phone camera.

Just sitting here in the Museum brings back great memories from childhood & parenthood. So soothing.

Let get moving before I fall asleep on this bench. LOL, next you know I’ll be having my own Night at the Museum Adventure.