from my table at Starbucks 12.15.12

Having a bit of me time with my mobile, and a simply delicious hazelnut coffee.

Things have been so busy lately. I’m not blogging or photostrolling like I used to; I miss it. Hoping to be back in the swing sometime after the New Year.

This particular Starbucks displays artwork from local talent, and a man with the most annoying voice in the world is interpreting each sketch for his companion. An endless stream of pseudo psycho-babble pours out of him. The word du jour is co-dependence. His companion, recently arrived from Mexico, is beyond impressed. Everyone else within earshot is rolling their eyes or wincing. I’m ready to dial 911 lol.

The line at the counter is long. Everyone is looking up at the menu with hungry eyes. The case is filled with piles of cake pops, and rows of frosted snowman cookies. It was all I could do to tear myself away.

Going downtown to shop a bit tonight. I need new pjs, a robe, and slipper socks. When my Josie was a baby she wore blanket sleepers.


Super practical and cute, huh?

I found a few places on line that carry them in adult sizes – unfortunately no plus sizes were available.

Okay, the guy at the next table is done with the psycho babble  and is now lecturing about the Mafia, or as he puts it the Cosa Nostra.

My Google Search turned up The Forever Lazy.


Looks cozy. I’ll have to check out the Amazon reviews.

Oh, did I tell you all I got a new mobile for my birthday? A Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The new term for these super-sized devices is phablets – a combination of phone & tablet. The official unboxing will be tonight, because I know I will be up half the night playing with it.


Mine is white, with the matching cover, just like the photo. Needless to say it will be in a zippered pouch when it’s in my bag; just thinking about a key scratch makes me crazy.

Okay, time to get back down the street to the projects waiting for me.

Or should I go get myself a manicure?

And maybe some lunch?

Til later my lovelies.

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