If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

WordPress.com has a pretty neat new feature. When you finish posting a prompt, a message appears with your post total to date, suggested tags, and some blogs prompts for you to try. When you click on a prompt a new posting page opens up with the title all filled in, and that’s how this post came to be.

The photo above is of a banner that appeared on The Flatiron Building several years back.  I was particularly stunned because of past personal experience with the Landmarks Department.  Those folks work diligently to preserve and protect  the city’s historical areas, and this is soooo not them.  It didn’t stay up long, and I never saw another take it’s place.  I came across this photo while going through photo albums, and plotting my crime.

Decided to stay away from Great Train Robberies and such and go with this.  I would put up in darkest night for all the world to see come morning.

flickr toys

Lunch was at a Thai restaurant.  I liked the way the waitress twisted my straw wrapper into a heart, so I snapped it.

Later while browsing through old blog posts I saw a couple things I made with flickr toys.  So I made my way over to the sight and turned my heart pic into bead art.  Click on it and you’ll see a nice large version of it.

And then I Warholed my eye.

When you have a sec pop over and have some fun.

Til later.