Macys – Museum or Department Store?


This past Sunday I made my way to Macys to do a bit of shopping. What a mob scene! Solo shoppers. Families with small children running everywhere. Strollers banging into my heels from all sides. And can we talk about the endless tourists pushing and shoving their way through the crowds?

But not one person at the registers. Seriously I did not wait on a line once during the entire trip. I actually had my choice of cashiers. When I jokingly asked a group of employees gossiping at one particular check out if Macys was now a museum they burst into gales of laughter.

Hopefully some coin of the realm will be rattling round in the tills some time soon.

And how is your holiday shopping going?

from my flickr photos

simplyfrances 326
I took several shots of this salute to CBs suit; one of which I used as a recent Momentile.

simplyfrances 337
I ran into this bench after a walk in Riverside Park.  As soon as I saw it I wanted to be a sculpture when I grow up.

I love taking photos of random balloons.  You find them everywhere in NYC.

simplyfrances 359
I often imagine that the trees and branches I meet in the city’s park, where once other living beings.  This one is definitely a dragon or serpant that a witch cast a spell upon.

simplyfrances 321
The back of the Arch at Washington Square Park is too often ignored by artists and photographers.

Can We Talk? Here’s Joan…

Yesterday while exiting Central Park I spotted a very familiar hairdo in the distance.  Thank goodness for zoom.

simplyfrances 384

Though Miss Rivers was kind enough to practically walk into my camera for an additional snap.

simplyfrances 385

I enjoyed her book Enter Talking back in ’87. While searching for a link to Enter Talking I found that Joan wrote another book that I might just order today.

Ciao Beautiful Ones.

what’s in the camera 04.17.12

My completed forms, with all necessary documentation clipped to them, are in clearly addressed envelopes.
And yes, I did remember to sign them.
They were not sealed with a kiss – more of a hiss ;)
The powers that be got their fair share from me.

And with that being posted let’s move on to some pics.

As you know Sunday I was down on the Bowery brunching with the ladies.

Lower Manhattan is a non-stop photo opp for this blogger.

Here’s a few favs:

simplyfrances 252
A different version of this photo was my Momentile for the day. I love how the painted tracks lead up to the mural.

simplyfrances 255
This old toy tractor reminded me of the fire truck my brother Joey got when he was five. No plastic crapola. I love the little big tires.

simplyfrances 274
I would love to know the story behind this sculture in a community garden.

simplyfrances 278
Can’t you just see elves and leprechauns sitting on these little stumps?

Okay, time to get on to the next project.

Till Later.

app happy

simplyfrances 248

I spent a good part of the afternoon getting my new HTC Sensation ready for action. Giving up my G2 was not easy, but the Sensation’s camera is 8 megapixels to the G2’s five. The Sensation also has front facing camera, and since I’m flirting with the idea of vlogging…

Apps Currently Loaded on my Phone:




Amazon Kindle
NPR News

Paper Camera

Go Daddy Mobile

Any suggestions?