Meeting Timothy Haskell

It was a dark and stormy night – perfect for a Nightmare opening.  This year’s theme is Fairy Tales, and we walked blind folded into an eerie forest where no happily ever afters dwell.  And once your very disturbed self exits you’ll be part of an Experiment.  What kind you ask?  You wouldn’t want me to spoil the um… fun now would you?

Later in the lobby I found myself talking to Timothy Haskell’s brother Aaron. I could not stop going on and on about all favorite Nightmare memories: the smell of graveyard dirt, the Undead scratching at the walls, bloody baby dolls, The Maze, vampires, wolves, the giant black cat…  I also told him that I hoped to meet his brother Timothy one day; it was my 5th year at Nightmare, and I had never had the honor.

Hold on I’m going to get him down here.

On opening night?

Within minutes I was in front of Tim – who actually recognized me from my blogs, and my comments at his blog – I Scare You

So what’s New York’s Fearless Leader of All Things Frightening really like? 

Warm & Welcoming.

And a generous listener.  I know this because five years worth of memories, questions and suggestions for future shows poured out of me, and he listened to every one.

Thanks Tim!

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